Welcome to Nigeria during the dry season. This year’s season is characterized by hot, dry and dusty winds from the Sahara Desert. It usually starts around November and December and lasts until February next year. Sometimes, the humerus is known for hot, wet, dry / dry skin in many cases, comfortable, lips, heavy eyes and catheters. It can also be cold at night and early in the morning. During this low visibility, the air was becoming cloudy. The season features a number of safety and security features, such as fire, explosion, car accidents, bad weather and bad visibility, fatigue. This sometimes makes some people nervous, to name a few.
If you want to feel good and safe after borrowing a Hotspot team record, here are 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make in the summer.

NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR GENERATOR ON- When done well in summer; Because the nights are generally hot and dry. This causes a lot of discomfort and sometimes at night. Thanks to the amazing power of PHCN, people are tempted to sleep with the generator all night. This is not an important issue. They are now trying to solve the problem of theft by storing up some of their live genes in connection with the dangers of electronic theft. It was close to the yard and some in the backyard, unhappy to do it at the crosswalk or on the corridor. This is an important issue. The story is full of families and people who have recently died as a result of this crime. Natural gas is usually carbon monoxide and toxic. A better solution is to use fans that can be filled at night when power is off. To enjoy your night at this time, apply a moisturizer on your body before going to bed.


It’s a hot summer season. Time to think about what to put in your car when you are not there for a short or long time. We have a record of the death of children and pets in the car when a parent is temporarily removed. Temperatures rose very quickly and killed the driver of the car from fatigue. In the sun;
The closing temperature of the vehicle can increase from 78 degrees to 100 degrees in minutes.

The issue of gas leaks on the cylinder mounted for several hours was recently made headline and the photos quickly warned against making this mistake. If you park your car in the shade better and in direct sunlight, make sure you do not put too many mirrors on.

NEVER OVER-SPEED AS VISIBILITY CAN GROW WORSE– The visibility of drivers traveling in a state ensures rapid growth. Most of the events that occur during the summer are caused by fog conditions that destroy our roads. Drivers are advised to stay safe and respond quickly to poor visibility with a flash of light.

DESIST FROM BUSH BURNING AS THE FIRE CAN QUICKLY GO OUT OF CONTROL – Although forest burning in Nigeria is illegal, many negroes still participate in this project. The firefighter can handle everything on the road and the fire can quickly and easily control the heat. Wood burning is another environmental issue, as it may be responsible for the formation of ozone layer.


In any case, a water bottle should be seen with you this winter. Stay away from clean water and resist the temptation to thirst with cold water. Wash with water and keep your metabolism healthy. Remember, water should not be limited to a moderate amount of water, and make sure you have a bottle of water next to you at night.
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