Bald mountain for a very long time manila to it and the poor availability and finally, in early October, our team has matured to his visit. Lysa is included in the system of Sikhote-Alin, its height is 1560 meters. On a clear day you can see the mountains and White, and visible from the river Kievka. Information on the route to Bald mountain online are not very many, but we were not afraid. The cards in a smartphone downloaded, things are collected, you can go in the way.
On the plane, we were:— to get on machines closer to the summit of the mountain, this place is about two kilometers from the summit and a little over 1000 meters altitude above the sea level;— on the same day to go on top of the Bald mountain; the night; the next day back to the house, with an arrival on Alexis cascade.
The road of the Bat passes along the river Alekseyevka, it is the road that leads to the mont Ольховая and Alexis cascade, even more to the inside of the taiga. The quality of the road, and that is an understatement, is not very much: if, prior to the clearing on Ольховую grinding to the gross domestic suv, the more the road is only for prepared machinery, because it is necessary to roll over large stones, and заныривать in the water.
If you have arrived by the road up to the clearing Alexis of the waterfall, you will pass without a problem.
The road is very picturesque, narrow, steep ascents and very similar to the rise on Чандолаз.
Of the asphalt up to the clearing on Alexis cascade of about 31 km by the time it took 2.5 hours, and the clearing of the waterfall until the end of the road on Bald mountain is not 7 km or about an hour’s drive.
At the end of the road is good, the glade, where you can spend the night. There a lot of firewood, but no water.

We arrive to the glade…

Our camp on the Bald mountain

On the first day with the time we have not been very lucky — fine rain, everything was shrouded in fog:

The glade, where we have left the machine up to the summit of Bald mountain about 2 kilometers from the road by a steep footpath, and takes the path of about an hour.
Our friend Stanislaus, apparently засидевшись at home, at the beginning of the hiking path of Primorye from the front and is paid. Quickly climb on the mountain in a thick fog and looking down on the white shroud, he decided to go back… and it is descended by a different trail from the other side of the mountain.
When we entered the room and found there Stas, very surprised, and become restless. Then, at the bottom, in the camp of Stas, also, it was not. Emotion very want to eat, and we decided to cook dinner and wait for a bit.
Prepare dinner

It took about an hour. Suddenly, we heard the creaking of the branches and not heavy, it was Stas all disheveled and tired. He has found the way to the camp. Through his stories, he has several times went down and went up to the top of different trails and was going to spend the night in the forest, but he noticed the trail and came to us.
The night was warm and rainy. In the morning we rejoiced in the sun, not satisfied with yesterday, to go we decided to repeat the ascent.
The trail to the top

Picturesque places…

Coniferous beauties

The beauty of it!

However, at the summit, we met with very cold and the wind. But when the light of the sun as seen from Bald mountain was much better!
And here is the summit!

The atmosphere of the place

At the summit of Bald mountain

Of equality with the clouds…

At the bottom between the chains of mountains, clouds:

Far shone river Kievka:

Put the pyramid and do]

The summit of the Bald is covered with stone осыпями with низкорослой coniferous vegetation:

Well проветрившись, we went to the machine and is headed to the bottom. On the way, jumped on Alexis cascade
The River Alekseyevka

A Waterfall Alexis.



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