Balogun fire outbreak

Two days ago we all heard about the fire outbreak at the Balogun market in Lagos. However, it is necessary for people to find out the causes of the sudden fire outbreak. Although, this is not the first but fires outbreak is what they never pray to experience ever again. With a lot of research by HotSpots team, we realize that the fire was caused as someone was trying to refuel a powered generator instead to switch off the powered Generator before refuelling. In the report giving to the public by the Femi Osanyintolu, The General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) “preliminary investigation conducted by his agency has revealed the cause of the Balogun Market fire outbreak”

According to what the General manager of LASEMA said, this fire began immediately as someone was trying to refuel a generator that is already powered.

He said there is no casualty (no injured or dead victim) was in records during the fire outbreak.

Well, the same fire outbreak occurred two months ago on that same very street with the same cause.

HotSpots team is hereby giving the following tips to help us prevent such occurrence because nobody can tell who can be a victim. Below are the tips to prevent public fire incident.

Avoid Wrong Electrical connections

This is another cause of fire incident in shops and home, some people believe they can fix or do electrical connection by themselves just to save the cost of paying electrician. However, avoid don’t fix electrical connection by yourself if you don’t have the knowledge of it.

Avoid refuelling Generator when it is powered

Many are guilty of this act. Instead, to stop the powered generator before refuelling they rather refuel while the generator is powered. This has caused so many fires to outbreak aside from the Balogun market fire outbreak.

Avoid Public Smoking

It is very disgusting that some people don’t know the bad effect of public smoking. It can be too risky to smoke in a public environment like the market. Unfortunately, your cigarette may cause innocent people to lose their life and resources.


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