youngest volcano


On the earth there are approximately 900 active volcanoes. These dangerous geological formations are located in the different corners of the planet and may always appear in the most unexpected places. It happened with the volcano (Paricutín) in the mexican state of Michoacan, which is the youngest volcano in Mexico.
This volcano erupted in 1943. No, it has not been found, and it appeared near the village of Парикутин. He grew up quickly and unexpectedly on a corn field simple farmer Dionisio Pulido.

Until 20 February, 43 years old, a strange hole with a diameter of 5 meters, it has attracted particular attention. But when, on the 19th of February in the outskirts of the village Парикутин is from about 300 earthquakes, yama suddenly the beginning of their transformation. Already, on February 20 on the corn field appeared in fast-growing 10-тиметровый a cone of ash and slag.
Only one day in the height of the tumors was increased up to 50 meters, and soon, constantly извергая the ashes and the stones, a young volcano has grown up to 150 meters. It started as early as the second day after its appearance. After one year, the volcano has already had a height of 336 meters and its summit is formed a large crater, from which emerged powerful, a column of smoke, and, on the slopes of the flowing lava.

For the year of washing of the young volcano, hiked 11 miles, It is fully coated near a village Парикутин, in honor of which the volcano and got its name. In pursuing the way, the lava has reached and other nearby villages. The small town of San Juan, stone façade of the church and dominates лавовым the field of bell tower.

Thanks to the unexpected shutdown of the emergence of a new volcano more than four thousand people have had to look for a new home. However, in spite of the magnitude of a natural force, all the time of the eruption of a volcano, no one was killed.
Over a period of 9 years volcano has continued without interruption in eruption. In 1952, he fell “in hibernation”. The result of the volcanic activity has been the emergence of a huge volcano to the height of 2774 meters above sea level (it is in the light of this it is on a plateau, mountain).

Interestingly, after the farmer Dionisio Pulido was discovered on his corn field volcano, he sold his painter and the writer, Doctor, which is busy active in the search for a new geological education. This has spent many years, the continuation of the study of the youngest volcano, has created an enormous amount of drawings and paintings with her image.

Now asleep young volcano on the corn field has become a popular tourist attraction of Mexico. Each accompanied by a local guide can climb to the top of the mountain and look in finally, the crater. The top opens space panorama 25 lava fields, which over the years had already had time to cover a rare greenery, trees, and shrubs.
The inhabitants of every year to celebrate the anniversary of the youngest volcano and before easter make it a pilgrimage.

Lovers volcanic passion will be curious to see and located in the Philippines volcano Mayon, on the island of Luzon. It has a perfect conical shape and is considered to be one of the most beautiful active volcanoes in the world.



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