As we all know HotSpots is always available to provide all the right information that concerns the safety of all Nigerians. With no doubt, Amotekun is here to stay as it is currently the most talked-about and also the highest percentage of the South-west residents have shown their utmost support for the operation Amotekun.

However, January 9, 2020, the operation Amotekun was launched by the Governors of Nigeria’s six southwest states which include the Governor of Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Lagos and Ogun state. This operation Amotekun was regarded to be Nigerian Western Security Network, Though it has caused so many disputes and chaos across the country. Some believe that the agenda of Amotekun is to caused secession between the North and the South. This is the reason we are here to shed light for you to know exactly what brings about Amotekun and their main duties.

Below are things that you must know about Amotekun:

Amotekun Is To Complement Police Not To Replace Any Security Outfit

The major fear of the people is that the western governors want to boycott the other security such as police and implement regional police which is Amotekun. However, Governor FAYEMI in his speech said,

Amotekun is a complement that will give our people confidence that they are being looked after by those they elected into office.

So, we do not want this to create fear in the mind of anybody as we are not creating a regional police force and are fully aware of the steps we must take to have state police.

We do not want anybody to misconstrue the concept of Amotekun.

Therefore, Amotekun is not replacing the police or any security personnel. But to solidifies the security of the people living within the south-west region.

Amotekun Will Be Modernized And Trained

South-west is the region where robbery and kidnapping are high, and with this Amotekun personnel will be trained by the security experts, So they will not rely only on machetes, axe, and charms to carry out their job. However, the personnel will be locally sourced which will add more credibility to the operation. There are some local areas which the police won’t penetrate but Amotekun is available to penetrate in other to salvage the people.

Amotekun Is Approved By The Federal Government

Amotekun has already gotten the blessing of the Federal government and the traditional rulers. They really understand the agenda of Amotekun, it is not a means to create regional police through the backdoor.


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