popular markets

Entering the Nigerian market in one of the aforementioned areas requires certain skills to be overcome by the mothers. These markets are so popular throughout the country that every Nigerian will hear about them at least once and understand what is being sold in them. Below is the list of the popular markets in Nigeria where you can buy cheap products.

Onitsha Market

Onitsha’s main market is in Anambra state, which is considered to be the West African trading hub. From imported second-hand clothing to jewelry and industrial equipment, Onitsha has the largest market in the area, with its largest market in terms of market size and availability.

Computer village

You will definitely find this Market in Ikeja, Lagos and the market is known to the IT hub of Nigeria, this is where you will buy your computer and phone accessories or any other tech gadgets of your choice.

Balogun Market

Balogun Market is what you will see in Marina, Lagos. Well, Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Nigeria, even across the whole of Africa, shopping is one of the most worrying. However, energy is drunk and there are many things you can buy in that negotiation – dresses, ankles, fabrics, hair, etc.

Ladipo Market

The closeness of this market to the port has made Ladipo be among the most popular market in Nigeria. The mechanical and electrical accessories for any product, old or new, can be found here. Different suppliers from different places usually come to buy parts.

Ariaria market

The Ariaria market is where most of the “AB Made” and “Made in Nigeria” products are manufactured. There is no product or brand you are looking for from shoes to bags. Although the market is classified as duplicates and minor goods, there are also indigenous and quality products on the market today.

Bodija Market

You can buy selected wholesale or retail products in Bodija in Ibadan. It has a wide range of fresh and dried products for sale at low prices. People come to buy animals and food.

Oil Mills Market

The oil mills market in Port Harcourt is known to the people who come to it every day on Wednesday. You can buy fresh produce at the cheapest price.

Zaki biam yam market

Benue is known as the country’s food basket and is the largest yam market in Nigeria. Traders from all over the country come from Zika Biam to buy high-quality products in the market.

Kasuwar kwari

Kasuwar kwari in Kano The market has all the materials and clothes. It is a place where people buy cheap and hand-made clothes for sale elsewhere in Nigeria and even West Africa.

Alaba International Market

Every Nigerian know about the Alaba market, this is where all electronics and equipment were sold. Not only that, this is one of the largest markets for the distribution of Nobel films.

Conclusively, the above list is the popular market in Nigeria. It will be good to visit any of these popular markets.


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