Africa richest country

Africa is popularly known to be the second-largest continent in the world. This continent is where we have some countries that are rich. However, we will discuss the top 10 richest Africa countries. We won’t want you to think otherwise if your expected country is not on our own list. This list is based on the purchasing power of each country and its GDP. Below are the top 10 richest countries in Africa.


There is no doubt, the smallest country in Africa is Seychelles and they are the richest Africa country. They have the smallest population, having Vitoria as its Capital. Seychelles is majorly into exportation which has put its GDP at $25,439.92. Not only that, it has more than one hundred islands.

Equatorial Guinea

We can simply say that the lower the population of the country, the higher the GDP. Equatorial is located on the Western part of the Africa coast, the capital of the county is Malabo. It has a population of less than one million and the economy depend mainly on Agriculture. Recently, Oil was discovered which topped the GDP (PPP) of $ 19.818.11.


Gabon is the third wealthiest Africa country with a GDP of $17,053.47. The capital of Gabon is Libreville, having a population of about one million. their main source of income is from oil and timber plantation.


This is the lowest populated country in Africa and also the fourth richest country in Africa with a GDP of $16,578.59. The capital of the country is Gaborone. Income is generated from agricultural products, tourism, and financial services. However, the Majority of the people in the country are living below the poverty level.

South Africa

Obviously, South Africa is experiencing rapid growth in Africa with a GDP of $11,273.08. There are opportunities for employment in different sectors such as clothing, tourism, textiles, agriculture, manufacturing, and a lot more. The South Africa economy is one of the most well-organized and fully functioning in Africa.


Libya is the 6th richest country in Africa and depends mainly on the income from crude oil, construction, and services. Their citizens are working in the oil sector. Libya is known to be an African-Arab country and they are the wealthiest African-Arab country. Tripoli is the capital of Libya with a GDP of $10,129.61.


The capital of Tunisia is Tunis, having the population estimated to be 11.2 million people. They have significant GDP of $9,706.59. Their economy is basically dependent on Agriculture with a low-level of illiteracy among the citizens.


Namibia is another fast developing country in Africa depending on South Africa (SA) for trading. They also depend on Agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing as their source of revenue aside trading. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and they have a GDP of $7,694.44.


The capital of Algeria is Algiers and they have a GDP of $7,541.85. The main income of Algeria is generated from Oil, gas, and agriculture.


There is no doubt, Egypt is rich in culture and their economic advancement is second to South Africa. However, the capital of Egypt is Cairo and Egypt has a GDP of $6,594


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