As we have always said, the well-being of Nigeria is seen and determined by people’s living standards. If you are looking for the best hospitals in Nigeria. Here you have the top 5 hospitals in Nigeria.

Due to health problems and unsafe environments in Nigeria, citizens need the best health and medical facilities that are the task of governments. Below are the best government hospitals in Nigeria.

Reddington Hospital

In 2006, Reddington Hospital was established and situated in Lagos. This Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Nigeria. However, the hospital was in collaboration with Cromwell Hospital in London. Reddington Hospital is a vision to create an advance medical service in the first world that exceeds all the expectations of our esteemed patients. Well, This hospital is best(specializes) in cardiology.

Abuja Clinics

Abuja clinics is the second on our list as one the best hospitals in Nigeria. In 1989, Abuja clinics was created as institution providing healthcare to the people living around Abuja. However, this hospital is fortified with advance equipment for diagnosis, which aid treatment.

Nordica Fertility Center

The aim and objectives of this hospital is to provide world class treatment to the patients. Nordical Fertility Centre was created in the year 1999 and was located in Ikeja, Lagos. The hospital has been able to spread their branch across other part of Nigeria such as Asaba, Abuja, e.t.c

Bridge Clinic

In 1999, Bridge Clinic was established with the bright vision to provide patient with advance treatment. This hospital is well-known for the fertility care across the West Africa. In fact, it is the best fertility healthcare in the whole West Africa.

Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital

C is a mental health care hospital that was established in the year 1944. This hospital is the best in Nigeria when it comes to the mental health care services. Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital can be located around Aro, Abeokuta, in Ogun state.


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